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​Reach for the Stars Case Management,LLC

Our Services

The Reach for the Stars Case Management team works with individuals who have been diagnosed with intellectual or developmental disabilities in order to assess, coordinate, and connect them with appropriate services to meet their needs and desires. We assist individuals with their application for Kentucky Medicaid Waiver programs that meet their needs. The programs that we are certified to provide Case Management services are:

  • Supports For Community Living Waiver
  • Michelle P. Waiver
  • ​Private Pay

See Resources for more information about how to apply for waiver services.

Reach for the Stars Case Management is currently accepting referrals for Case management services. If you would like to receive more information please contact one of our offices. We look forward to working with citizens of Central Kentucky.

What is a Case Manager?

A case manager works with people and their community, helping them find options and services to improve their lives. They're advocates for finding and providing appropriate treatment, care or safety.

Case managers are responsible for assessment, service-plan development and implementation for the people and communities they assist. They also find, coordinate and monitor those services.